Bioenergetic woods

The bioenergetic woods of Tenuta de l'Annunziata offer a wellness pathway to rest and relax, while experiencing the regenerative power of  plants and nature.

The project

Our environment
We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic fields that affect the life of the biosphere, of human beings and plants. Human beings emit different bioelectromagnetic signals as well. However, recent studies have shown that those emitted by trees have a significant high biological affinity with and a particular resonance effect on each organ of the human body. 

Man-plant: the kind of energy that is good for you
Back in time, ancient cultures suggested to hug trees for psychological and physical “recharge”. Today, an innovative technique called “Bioenergetic Landscapes” studies such relation between man and plants and confirms the benefits of this ancient practice. We can therefore accurately evaluate how staying in contact with trees, and the time spent doing that, can energetically support the functioning of our organs and systems. But there's more: if located where certain magnetic conditions are found, trees can spread their positive effects several metres away, thus creating “bioenergetic areas” with biological characteristics that depend on the tree species and different environmental parameters. 
The project

The bioenergetic areas of Tenuta de l'Annunziata

In the woods of Tenuta de l'Annunziata, which cover over 130,000 square metres of land, the bioresearcher Marco Nieri identified 40 trees that are able to generate different bioenergetic areas having positive effects on the body, and especially on some organs and systems.
Resting in such areas improves the energetic status and the functioning of the organs of the human body, rapidly reducing the psychological and physical stress and increasing the overall sense of well-being, as proven by modern diagnostic equipment.


It is necessary to obtain accreditation at the Reception (ground floor of the relais) to experience the Bioenergetic Woods.
Guests of the Relais can freely access it by requesting more information and the map at the Reception.

Comfortable clothing and sports shoes are recommended.

It's required for the protection of the environment or the conservation of habitats, limiting pollution and damage to the area.